Lesson Plan

Heat Transfer

Use an exciting role play activity to teach young chemists about the importance of heat transfer in maintaining homeostasis. They assume the role of a dog sled owner who has been abandoned and must fend for themselves with only a few supplies in harsh wintry conditions. Pupils then perform tests and collect data to better understand how heat transfer affects the environment and every living organism.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide your class with a scenario pertaining to extreme temperature (either heat or cold) and have them discuss the best ways to adapt; ensure they use predetermined criteria in the discussion
Classroom Considerations
  • Ensure the water temperature is not too hot to avoid burns
  • Assist with lamp adjustment to avoid burning skin due to heat emitted from the bulbs
  • Instruct individuals to avoid looking directly into the light, as it could result in eye injury


  • Offers a lesson extender to enhance the wind chill activity 
  • Provides an assessment and answer key, in addition to a teacher's reference, for a complete lesson plan to cover the topic of heat transfer
  • May be adapted in multiple ways to provide differentiated instruction if needed
  • None