Hazards: Fifth Grade Lesson Plans and Activities

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After comparing earthquake and volcanic hazards to one another, fifth graders take a closer look at damage associated with a volcanic eruption. They then create a simulation of mudslides due to a volcanic eruption. Using different mixtures, pupils observe and record the results to make the most damaging mudslide.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members view each others' mudslides in a group gallery walk
Classroom Considerations
  • Collect the following materials prior to implementing in the classroom: flour, corn meal or sand, water, beaker, dish, cup, spoons, and styrofoam tray
  • The fourth lesson of four that make up a unit on the plate tectonics cycle
  • Have class members refer to pages 8-9 in the workbook for this portion
  • Ensure safety procedures are clear and set in place before doing the experiment
  • A very visual and engaging lesson that keeps class members interested
  • Workbook for the entire unit is provide
  • Blackline masters are included within the resource
  • Volcano slideshow is not included in the resource