Lesson Plan

Handling Peer Pressure

Class members participate in a discussion to identify all types of positive and negative peer pressure and brainstorm strategies to not give in to negative peer pressure. Scholars create a T-chart to record their observations. Pupils role-play a variety of scenarios and then answer a series of questions. Individuals write a reflection on a time they experienced peer pressure.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign reflection writing whenever possible, and give pupils a composition notebook to keep and write in when they feel compelled
Classroom Considerations
  • The tenth of 12 lessons in an Overcoming Obstacles series
  • Requires a board or chart paper and a class set of copies of the Peer Pressure Scenario sheet
  • Touches on a subject important to all age groups
  • You may use the scenario list provided or make up your own
  • None
Common Core