Habits of Mind

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There is more than one way to approach a problem. Explore the habits of mind as they relate to the methods of approaching learning, and to how young writers can develop success once they learn to foster each skill.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Share the resource with your learners, and encourage them to reflect and share a habit that they can identify with, and the habits they are working on
  • Bring to a professional development seminar about problem solving and encouraging critical thinking skills in teenagers
  • Provide to parents who would like some guidance dealing with their adolescents
  • Designed for a postsecondary writing program, but helpful for anyone who works with teenagers and young adults
Classroom Considerations
  • Doesn't provide lessons or worksheets, but the ideas in the resource are valuable for teachers and counselors
  • Insightful and straightforward when discussing the habits of mind
  • Encourages reflection and self-assessment
  • None