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The circle of life is all around us, from the black bears in the nearby mountains to the pile of dead leaves in the backyard. Encourage young scientists to take a critical look at the world around them with a set of lessons about natural habitats and food chains.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Hand out the reference sheets to older learners to read with parents at home
  • Take class members on a nature walk around the school or at a nearby park to view the different habitats
  • Encourage young scientists to look up the ecosystems in their town, and to create visual aids for the food chains they discover
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource is based on the habitats of Britain, but the information is applicable to other parts of the world, particularly areas with a lot of wooded or forest areas
  • A few of the printables are not as well illustrated as others; you could find or create pages that would be more effective

  • Engaging and educational for readers of all levels
  • A great way to bridge science and language arts together

  • None