Growing Bean Plants (Grade 2)

This Growing Bean Plants (Grade 2) activity & project also includes:

After planting a bean seed in a jar, young scientists observe the growth patterns over several days. As the bean becomes a sprout, and the sprout becomes a plant, partners measure and plot the data. They notice patterns, practice measuring, and organize data over the course of the bean plants' life cycle.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • At the end of the growing process, have all pairs compare their line plots and plant growths
  • Model how to plant the seeds while partners follow along
  • Pose the question as to why one group's plant may be growing faster or slower than another group's plant, and discuss what plants need to live and grow
Classroom Considerations

  • Intended for use with a plant science unit 
  • Requires prior setup and gathering of planting materials
  • Depending on each learner's needs, consider having a volunteer help class members plant their seeds, or plant the seeds together in small groups rather than as a whole class

  • Comes with a teacher version to guide reasoning for the task
  • Task can be easily tailored to meet instructional needs
  • Reinforces measuring skills while blending science and math concepts together

  • Does not come with a materials list
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