Green Chemistry - Principle 4

How can we reduce carbon emissions and make safer solvents, all at the same time? Part four in a 12-installment green chemistry series demonstrates how chemists have traded in their hazardous go-to solvents and begun using safe alternatives such as water and carbon dioxide. Learners see the benefits of these natural substances, often used in their supercritical states.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the embedded pauses to make sure the class is on the right track
  • Do a quick review of solution chemistry to make sure individuals can differentiate between solutes and solvents
Classroom Considerations

  • Some prior knowledge of greenhouse gases and halogen-containing solutions would be helpful in viewing the resource

  • The resource provides a great explanation of the supercritical state of matter using simple animations
  • Uses an example of the strides people around the world are making in reducing greenhouse gases through recycling byproducts into other uses

  • None