Greek Comedy, Satyrs, and Aristophanes: Crash Course Theater #4

This Greek Comedy, Satyrs, and Aristophanes: Crash Course Theater #4 video also includes:

What better way to tell a story than with actors dressed like horses? Information about satyr plays and other aspects of Greek comedy makes up the fourth video in the Crash Course Theater series. The discussion includes references to specific Greek texts, such as The Odyssey, and shares the origins of key words and dramatic elements.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Review the role of satyrs in Greek mythology and discuss why they might have been included in Greek comedies
  • Read an excerpt from a play written by Aristophanes and identify key elements it contains
Classroom Considerations

  • Contains raunchy subject matter common to the time period

  • Makes connections to previous videos to help develop a timeline of the history of theater
  • Uses animations to tell a story within the video

  • Feels a little disorganized due to the sheer volume of information covered
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