Great Minds: Richard Feynman, The Great Explainer

Who is known for his bongo playing and solving the hardest algebra problem of all time? Richard Feynman loved to solve puzzles and didn't handle being bored very well. He is known for the Feynman diagrams that explain quantum electrodynamics and for pulling pranks on other physicists. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Watch the original video of Feynman demonstrating why the space shuttle Challenger exploded
Classroom Considerations
  • Mentions strip clubs repeatedly, which is relevant to the subject, but might not be the conversation you want to have in class
  • Be aware that YouTube comment sections are not always appropriate for the classroom
  • The video is the 14th in a 25-part series
  • Provides cross-curricular connections to history, aerospace, engineering, math, and more
  • Includes closed captioning for hearing impaired pupils
  • None