Great Minds: Gregor Mendel

How would you feel if you made a huge scientific discovery, published it everywhere, and shared it with every scientist, only to have it ignored for 35 years because no one understood your genius? Unfortunately, Gregor Mendel died before anyone recognized that he had just founded genetics. Learn more about his life with an informative biographical video.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a timeline of Gregor Mendel's life
Classroom Considerations
  • Be aware the YouTube comment section is not appropriate for display in the classroom
  • Video best fits as an introduction to genetics
  • The video is the 20th in a 25-part series
  • Provides closed captioning to assist in note taking
  • Includes cross-curricular connections to history, genetics, biology, botany, and many other subjects
  • Highlights vocabulary throughout to help learners identify key words
  • None