Great Civilizations Develop around Rivers

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If you lived in prehistoric times, what kinds of choices could your family make to increase their chance of survival? By making similar decisions in a simulation game, participants discover how specialization creates both opportunity and challenges. Scholars then consider how being near a river compounds the advantages of specialization. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Divide the class into teams to complete the learning simulation
  • Develop discussion questions for individuals to consider the outcomes of specialization on societies
Classroom Considerations
  • Resource is the fourth of 23 lessons from the Council for Economic Education exploring history
  • While the lesson title indicates rivers are a key focus of the lesson, neither the game nor slides explore the concept in depth
  • Game is interactive and analytical, making it interesting to a broad group
  • PowerPoint slides help explain difficult economic concepts
  • None
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