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So many methods and so little time! The efficient method of graphing a linear equation depends on what information the problem gives. Pupils learn three different methods of graphing linear equations. They graph equations using input/output tables, using slope and y-intercepts, and by finding the x and y-intercepts. The resource also challenges pupils to graph a parabola for comparison.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the provided examples to help your classes determine the best graphing method in a given situation
  • Have your pupils use a graphic organizer to record linear equations in different forms and the different methods of graphing
Classroom Considerations
  • Builds on previous lessons in the series
  • Assumes a familiarity with linear equations, slope, and intercepts
  • Shows various graphing methods, which encourages learners to think through a problem first
  • The inclusion of quadratic equations when the focus has been on linear equations seems random
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