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Not sure how to translate a word, phrase, or paragraph? No worries. Simply paste in, type, or dictate your text, select the initial and desired language, and up pops your translation. Better yet, the app will read the text to you in most languages.

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App Overview

Whether you're looking to say something in Albanian, Vietnamese, or any of 55 other languages, you'll love the clean interface and straightforward functionality found here.

  • Is there a phrase you stumble on often? Select the star on the right side of the screen to save your translation in a favorites folder
  • In the language selection field, a dark grey speaker icon indicates which apps can be read aloud
  • Make the translated words go full screen by clicking on the four-arrow icon on the right side of the page


The settings gear at the bottom of the page includes several useful features:

  • Select which broad regional dialect of English, Chinese, or Spanish is the default. For instance, if you select UK English, the word "color" will come out "colour."
  • Peruse the Help button to learn about feature and functionality details.
  • Clear the translation history
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Instructional Ideas
  • Translate foreign words found in a class text
  • Have children learning English as a second language keep this nearby to help them more accurately express themselves
  • Explore word histories by looking up words that have cognates
Classroom Considerations

This is a classic example of a tool that is built to do one thing, and does it well. It does not filter for inappropriate language, however, so you may need to monitor use. 

  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of languages
  • Read aloud feature
  • No filter for inappropriate language