Going Out

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Let's go out to dinner! Provide early Spanish speakers with a quick reference guide and learning tool for common phrases related to a restaurant outing.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Set up your classroom like a restaurant, and allow groups to write their own restaurant-themed skits in Spanish to present in front of the class
  • Project the resource onto the board and scroll down to accompany your lesson on restaurant vocabulary
Classroom Considerations
  • Does not provide a phrase to ask for anything other than water; let learners know that they can substitute agua in that phrase to change their order
  • Pronunciations and translations require access to the Internet, as well as audio equipment or headphones
  • Includes specific phrases that may be difficult for beginners to figure out on their own, such as ¿Nos trae la cuenta, por favor?
  • Phrases and pronunciations would be commonly understood across various Spanish-speaking regions
  • None