Global Warming - Evaluating the Evidence

It's getting hot in here! Evidence of global warming is all around us, as shown in part four of a series of eight videos about global warming and the carbon cycle. High school environmentalists get to examine the facts for themselves in a narrated, animated format. Topics include the melting of our ice caps, severe weather, and satellite-collected temperature data.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pupils may already be somewhat familiar with carbon-14 dating; use the resource as an analogy to help with the video's discussion of oxygen-18 temperature studies
  • After viewing the third installment in the series, have the class match the evidence in this resource with the situations described in the previous video
Classroom Considerations

  • Some knowledge of isotopes and satellite technology would be helpful in viewing the resource

  • Topics covered provide ample material for class discussions and research projects
  • Learners can link this information to what they already know about the carbon cycle and make predictions on the effect global warming is having on it

  • None