Getting Online One Click at a Time

This Getting Online One Click at a Time handout & reference also includes:

The Internet is a vast and fascinating place to be, but you have to know how to get there first! Use a helpful guide to become computer savvy in no time. It covers computer basics such as keyboarding and hardware, and goes into e-mail, Internet safety, and decoding computer jargon.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Print a few copies and laminate each page, allowing learners to share sections when needed
  • Display the resource as a presentation in your classroom using a document viewer or LCD projector
  • Have learners reflect on their experiences after each section, either in group discussions or written prompts
Classroom Considerations
  • The length of the resource and amount of color on each page may make it prohibitive to print class sets; consider electronic displays instead
  • Kids who have grown up with computers may find the information too basic
  • Great for kids and adults who have not had a lot of access to computers
  • Explanations are thorough and easy to follow
  • Each section provides pictures and pointers for learners
  • None