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Get Your Organisms Organized

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This Get Your Organisms Organized unit plan also includes:

From large to small, show your class how to organize them all! Included within the guide is everything you need to take their knowledge of classification from the cellular to the species level. The worksheets focus on building vocabulary and reasoning skills that provide a strong foundation for science classes down the road.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Ask students to bring colored pencils from home if you do not have enough in your classroom
  • Set up stations around the room with specimens that exhibit the types of symmetry you're discussing
Classroom Considerations
  • Classification research project requires Internet, document creation capabilities, and printer; schedule two days back-to-back in your school's computer lab
  • Research project focuses on animals indigenous to Ohio; the materials can be easily modified to reflect your state's fauna
  • Region-specific animal research lends a real-world element to the research project
  • The music and video resources are impactful and catchy, which will leave a lasting impression
  • The included printed materials promote good life sciences habits that will come in handy in high school biology and anatomy classes
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