Get the Word Out at McDonald's!

This Get the Word Out at McDonald's! activity & project also includes:

To get the word out that the Great Pacific garbage patch (GPGP) contains millions of pounds of non-biodegrading plastics, individuals research the GPGP and write an article for a newsletter. Researchers present their facts in a way that not only informs the public that their actions and how they handle plastics impact the GPGP, but also is impactful.

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Instructional Ideas

  • As a class, develop a rubric to help score the final project
  • Work with English teachers to make sure citations are consistent with what is expected in their classes
Classroom Considerations

  • Pupils need access to the Internet to do the research
  • The seventh of nine challenges

  • Includes an example newsletter that helps your class understand the expectations
  • The outline of the newsletter provides suggestions on topics writers can cover

  • None