Gerunds and Infinitives

This Gerunds and Infinitives worksheet also includes:

Learning proper grammar rules for a middle school student can be difficult, especially in a texting world, but this resource demonstrates how the verb changes by adding a gerund or infinitive. Keep up the texting, but use this to practice proper speaking and writing skills.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use as an in class assignment and have grammarians answer orally to practice both gerund and infinitive with no meaning change and with meaning change
  • Use the included list of gerunds as a reference, have learners create flashcards to practice gerund and infinitive changes
  • Create a packet for future reference on gerunds and infinitives, especially for English language learners to use
Classroom Considerations

  • Gerunds and infinitives are part of  the eighth grade Common Core standards, however sentence structure lessons are appropriate for upper-elementary and middle school learners
  • Copy practice sheets back-to-back to save paper 

  • Great practice for ELL and ESL learners 
  • The list included of to be verbs plus gerunds and infinitives is a great resource tool
  • Explicit instructions make this assignment easy to understand 

  • None