Geometry Pad+

Graphing paper, pencil, ruler, protractor, and compass, all get replaced or supplemented with this dynamic geometry application. Here, you can create, move, and scale many different shapes, as well as, explore and change their properties through an easy-to-use interface. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Geometry Pad+ is dynamic geometry application that has many features. Like many of these types of applications, it has the potential to enhance instruction and strengthen learning. 

Overall Features:

  • Create shapes
  • Move and scale shapes 
  • Take measurements
  • Simple calculator
  • Pointer
  • Start with a new drawing or an existing one (Dropbox)
  • Save and export your work as an image or document
  • Share your work through e-mail

Numerous shapes can be created and customized with color, thickness, and style. 

Supported Shapes:

  • Point 
  • Line, ray, segment, vector
  • Angle (one degree of precision) 
  • Triangle (regular, right, isosceles, equilateral)
  • Quadrilateral (regular, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus)
  • Polygon (regular, irregular)
  • Circle (including radius and chord)
  • Ellipse
  • Parallel, perpendicular, tangent line
  • Midpoint and perpendicular bisector of a line
  • Angle bisector
  • Altitude


  • Measure length, area, perimeter
  • Measure degree of an angle
  • Rotate, reflect, translate, and scale shapes
  • Create circles and arcs with compass 
  • Annotate with text
  • Snap objects to grid, other objects, perpendicular, parallel, or tangent
  • Free draw with pencil tool
  • Change background theme (white board, chalkboard, blueprint)
  • Display grid lines, axes, or isometric dot paper
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Instructional Ideas

  • Through the use of the measurement tool, watch the measurement change in real time as shapes are moved or changed
  • Have young geometers explore and test conjectures by constructing their own sketches
  • Use the text annotation to describe important features and shapes
  • Use the app to create and export complex geometric figures for use elsewhere 
Classroom Considerations

There are a number of learning videos available, as well, which show the different uses and features of this app. 



  • Nice interface
  • Straightforward
  • Good graphics
  • Numerous features, demo videos, and tips that help with its use

  • None
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