Geography Now! Kazakhstan

While your learners may know Kazakhstan from the Borat movies, the country is full of rich history and culture. A video resource profiles the Central Asian nation that functions as a bridge between Europe and East Asia. It's home to ancient monuments and, as the narrator describes, and Muslim people who look Chinese but speak Russian, thanks to its role in the histories of Asia and Europe. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use video to simulate discussion on the Soviet sphere of influence or the Cold War
  • Offer resource as research for a country profile project
Classroom Considerations
  • Video #88 Countries A-Z playlist
  • Narrator unpacks complex history in a way that makes it easy to incorporate into a variety of lessons
  • Pictures and maps illustrate geographical concepts
  • Fast-paced and humorous video engages viewers
  • Video includes humor that may offend some, including Borat references
  • Ad interrupts streaming