Geography Now! Grenada

Known as The Spice Island, Grenada is second-largest producer of nutmeg in the world. Visitors report smelling the fragrance throughout the small Caribbean nation. However, the country has found itself swept up in world events, including colonialism and the Cold War. A video resource describes the archipelago to young learners and its place in history.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Offer the video for research into nation profiles of a geographical region, such as the Caribbean
  • Discuss the effects of military intervention on Grenada, using the video as background
Classroom Considerations

  • Video is number 68 in an extensive series called Countries A-Z
  • Some comments could be considered insensitive and ethnocentric


  • Engaging narrator covers geography in a complete and concise way
  • Photos and maps illustrate complex geographical ideas

  • An ad starts the video, and there is marketing embedded in the resource