Geography Now! Ethiopia

New Review

While Ethiopia may conjure up images of famine, the most populous landlocked country in the Horn of Africa actually has a bright future ahead of it. The nation was able to hold off European colonizers and other invaders from the continent, making it a nation of proud people with a lush and diverse landscape. A video resource explores its past, as well as its more unique features—such as stunning blue lava.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Pair the video with others in the series to explore features of countries in the Horn of Africa
Classroom Considerations

  • 57th video of an extensive Countries A-Z playlist
  • Photo of famine victims may be disturbing for some learners

  • Photographs are vivid and stimulating
  • Narrator interviews an Ethiopian, making the video engaging
  • Video is easy to adapt to a variety of classroom activities

  • While the video mentions the famine, it does not explain the conflict that led to the devastation