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Genetic Recombination and Gene Mapping

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Young scientists explore genetic recombination and gene mapping through analyzing the works of Thomas Hunt Morgan and Alfred Sturtevant. Individuals see how some genes, via fruit flies, can cross over creating greater variation, which lead to gene mapping. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Pause video at 8:17 and allow scholars to, either independently or in pairs, work through the example problem
Classroom Considerations
  • Teacher needs a computer, access to the Internet, and a way to project the video to use the resource
  • The video repeats concepts taught in the fourth video in the series
  • Video 13 in a series of 31
  • Gives students a problem to work and walks them through the answer
  • At the end, the narrator says that today, we just sequence the DNA, but if we compare our sequence to the work of Morgan and Sturtevant, it matches up perfectly
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