Lesson Plan

General Pyramids and Cones and Their Cross-Sections

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Are pyramids and cones similar in definition to prisms and cylinders? By examining the definitions, pupils determine that pyramids and cones are subsets of general cones. Working in groups, they continue to investigate the relationships between cross sections and the base of a general cone. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Demonstrate visualization with 3-D models that have cross sections built into them
  • Use the extension as a substitute for Exercise One, allowing those who struggle to use the original exercise
Classroom Considerations
  • Class needs to be familiar with how to find the area of similar figures given the scale factor
  • The seventh installment of a 14-part series
  • Provides all of the diagrams needed for the lesson
  • Opening exercise makes the connection from the previous lesson to this lesson
  • None