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General Prisms and Cylinders and Their Cross-Sections

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So a cylinder does not have to look like a can? By expanding upon the precise definition of a rectangular prism, the lesson develops the definition of a general cylinder. Scholars continue on to develop a graphical organizer for the different types of general cylinders. The lesson closes with a review of cross sections of solid figures.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide differentiation by using the various options for the Exploratory Challenge
Classroom Considerations
  • Some may struggle with the distinctions between prisms and cylinders
  • Lesson can span two days to include the extension
  • The sixth installment in a 14-part series
  • Makes connections to previous and future concepts
  • Extension provides information that will be helpful in the use of Cavalieri’s Principle in a later lesson
  • None