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Future Extraction Methods

How do plants and bacteria help us gain access to our Earth's precious copper reserves? Scholars gain knowledge of the processes of bioleaching and phytomining in the seventh and final installment in a series discussing rocks and their many uses. the narrator contrasts these environmentally friendly mining practices with older ones that require high energy consumption. The video also includes a discussion of types and qualities of copper-containing ores.

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Instructional Ideas
  • To augment the lesson, show the class examples of other types of copper mining processes
  • Partnered students can take the concept further by researching the types of bacteria and plants used to extract copper from ore
Classroom Considerations
  • Prior knowledge of copper's bonding properties is useful in getting the most from the resource
  • Presents the material in simple terms with engaging animations
  • The video sheds light on the world's copper shortage, a topic young learners may have little knowledge of
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