Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf - Strategic Mastermind or War Monger?

Was he the mastermind of war or a military genius? Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf, who led the Austrian-Hungarian army, is one of the most important figures of World War I. However, his case for war ultimately caused the death of the empire. An interesting video explores Austria-Hungary's strategic mastermind and the complexities of his legacy.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask the class to consider the characteristics of leadership using von Hötzendorf as a case study
Classroom Considerations
  • Part of Who Did What in World War I? video biography series
  • Picture of deceased emperor may make the video unsuitable for some viewers
  • Video assumes detailed knowledge of the war's causes and outcomes
  • Thorough in its coverage of Hötzendorf's role during the war
  • Engaging narrator makes clear Hötzendorf's significance within the war
  • None
Common Core