Fraction Operations and Initial Decimal Ideas

This Fraction Operations and Initial Decimal Ideas lesson plan also includes:

Add another strategy to the toolboxes of young mathematicians with this elementary math instructional activity on using number lines to add and subtract fractions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Insert this lesson into an upper-elementary math unit on rational numbers
  • Laminate copies of the number line templates, allowing students to use with dry erase markers to help them find sums and differences of fractions
  • Use the included worksheets as in-class or homework assignments, or even as exit card assessments

  • Lesson includes all supporting worksheets and printable materials
  • Provides a warm-up problem that activates prior knowledge about fractions
  • Comments are included throughout the lesson plan as support for teachers
  • Practice exercises ask students to provide written explanations of their solutions

  • Answer keys are not included, by can be created by working through the problems ahead of time