Fossil Meteorites

Fossils ... from space? Science scholars discover evidence in a limestone quarry that helped researchers learn about a meteor shower that lasted hundreds of thousands of years through an interesting video from Brain Scoop's Fossils and Geology playlist. Topics include where scientists found fossilized meteorites, the technology used to determine their age, and what the discovery tells us about our solar system.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add the resource to a lesson on sedimentary rocks, nuclear chemistry, or Earth's eras
  • Follow up the video with a discussion about how electron microscopes work
Classroom Considerations

  • Before watching the video with younger learners, take a moment to discuss how limestone forms

  • Gives viewers an engaging look at how scientists study major cosmic events of the past
  • Narrator provides clear, but technical, explanations of scientific phenomena

  • None
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