Lesson Plan

Forming a Precipitate

Can you mix two liquids to make a solid that is insoluble? Yes, you can, and pupils see this as the lesson uses more than one combination of liquids to form a solid. Through two teacher demonstrations and a hands-on activity, scholars observe the process. The lesson also focuses on the concept of conservation of mass with the analysis questions. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Practice all demonstrations before class so you are aware of exactly what you are looking for
Classroom Considerations
  • Carefully follow all safety precautions for the various chemicals, as some cause skin issues, some cause respiratory issues, and some can't be thrown away
  • Recommends projection, but if a projector is not available, you can print the image to poster size and hang it in the classroom
  • Lesson is the third in a 12-part series
  • Provides information on where to buy specific chemicals including companies and product numbers
  • Includes discussion questions and ideal answers throughout the lesson
  • Follows a 5E lesson format
  • None