Folk and Fairy Tale Readers: The Spider and the Beehive

This Folk and Fairy Tale Readers: The Spider and the Beehive printable & template also includes:

Anansi the spider teaches young readers the importance of sharing with others in this fun African folktale. Offering clear illustrations and repetitive structure, this printable book is ideal for developing children's reading fluency.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include this story during a reading of folktales from other countries
  • Read and discuss the story as a whole class before allowing children to practice reading independently or in pairs
  • Encourage pupils to take the book home and practice reading with their parents
Classroom Considerations
  • Elicit the help of classroom aides and/or upper elementary students for assembling a class set of mini-books
  • Included are two additional versions of the mini-book template that allow children to either create the illustrations or write the text for the story
  • A teacher resource is provided that offers background information, guiding questions, and a list of other related stories
  • An additional document is included that provides directions for creating the mini-books
  • None