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Creating with an app is nice. But, creating with an app and being able to print and use your creation is great! This tool provides the opportunity to hone the skills related to spacial awareness, three-dimensional thinking, creativity, and design. Learners will be able to make a flat image, print it out, and then fold it into a three-dimensional object.

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App Overview

Start by tapping the information option in the upper-right corner of the page. This will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create, print, share, and fold your project. You’ll choose a template and then decorate it in its flattened form (like nets in math). After it’s finished, it can be printed and folded into a three-dimensional model. A split screen provides two images while you work: one of the flat project, and one showing what the model will look like once it is folded. This happens in real-time.

My Foldify:

  • The app opens to my foldify, a page that provides access to all other features
  • This is where you can locate saved creations or start new ones
  • To start a new project, tap the plus sign. This will take you to the templates page.
  • Choose the template by tapping on it once
  • From here, you will be taken to the editor page


  • Use the tools in the toolbar to decorate your template
  • Finished projects can also be modified or changed on this page
  • Tools include:
    • Paint
    • Fill
    • Draw
    • Photo upload
    • Resizing
    • Color choices
    • Stamp options
    • Print or e-mail as a pdf

Creative Tools:

  • 20 blank templates
  • 8 color-in templates
  • 28 sets of eyes
  • 22 different mouths
  • 10 noses
  • 10 mustaches
  • Car parts
  • House parts
  • 10 sets of arms
  • 10 different eyewear options
  • 10 different fruit
  • 10 leaves
  • 18 patterns
  • 28 cute extras (like hearts and birds)
  • Full color wheel to create and choose colors


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Instructional Ideas
  • Nets are the flattened version of three-dimensional objects, such as polyhedrons. Start by having your class attempt to draw a net of a polyhedron featured on the app. Then pull the app up on the overhead and have learners compare the net they drew to the net shown on the screen.
  • Set up a work station where each pair of learners has 5-7 minutes to decorate and print the polyhedron discussed earlier in class. Once all of the students have a net, they can trace it, measure it, and then fold it to see how a three-dimensional shape can become a flat net.
  • Have younger learners use the tool to create foldable prismatic shapes, such as rectangles, cones, or spheres. To save time, use the app to print your shapes, then allow the class to decorate them; or even better, label the edges and vertices prior to folding them into dimensional shapes.
Classroom Considerations

This app is really fun and provides many different creative options. Because of this, learners using the app will need to be monitored or have rules clearly set prior to use. It is important, as with most creative tools, to set boundaries, time limits, and clearly establish the learning objectives.

  • Helps build spacial reasoning
  • Helps build three-dimensional thinking
  • Can be applied to several mathematical concepts
  • Can be printed and folded
  • Provides many different creative options
  • Is easy to use and fun


  • Doesn’t have any basic shapes
  • Drawing is a bit difficult, unless a stylus is used
  • Social media can be accessed through the share options
  • Themed stamp extras need to be purchased