First Then Visual Schedule

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Here is an app especially designed for care providers of children with autism or other developmental delays that will help them build customized picture schedules to help support the behavioral needs of their students.

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App Overview

Schedules help children with autism feel a sense of structure, they are an essential part of helping them feel secure. Children with autism or similar disorders often struggle with severe anxiety. Dependable schedules help them know what to expect each day and what is going to happen next. Use this visual schedule to increase independence and lower anxiety during transitions.

Adult Interface:

  • Turn on the device
  • Tap the plus sign located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  • The directions will lead you through the process of creating an original schedule
  • Tap the Edit option in the upper right-hand corner
  • Tap the small plus sign to add steps to your new schedule
  • You can choose from stock sound and images or pick images from the web
  • The settings option will provide additional support in importing, exporting, and creating your schedules


  • Create customized schedules to meet your child’s needs
  • Upload your own photos or add photos from the included Internet search feature
  • Record your voice to go along with each image
  • Create as many schedules as your child needs
  • Edit the sequence of each schedule to match changes in the daily routine
  • Maintain consistency across the child’s environment by emailing a PDF copy of the schedule to be printed and used at any location

Student Interface:

  • Tap the schedule the child is going to use
  • Choose Full Mode, Split Mode, or List Mode, depending of the needs of the child
  • Full Mode allows the child to see each step in the schedule one slide at a time
  • Split Mode shows the child two steps at a time
  • List Mode shows the entire schedule as a visual list
  • The child follows along with each step in the schedule tapping on the images will activate the recorded sound that will remind him of what he is currently doing
  • The child can use the schedule on a large and/or small mobile device for ease of transport when going to and from school


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Instructional Ideas

  • Start by creating a schedule for home and for school on the app. Print out hard copies of each schedule. Use the app version of the schedule to remind the child of what he is going to do that day. As the child completes each step on the schedule, have him place a sticker on the paper version of the schedule. This will reinforce the steps and the good behavior the child is exhibiting.
  • Make a contract with the child; if he can get X amount of stickers on his chart, then he will receive a small token or a free-time activity. Slowly remove reinforcers and the use of the app until the child is able to complete all the steps in the schedule on his own.
Classroom Considerations

If you choose to use this tool, it must be used with absolute consistency. The device can not be forgotten, broken, or misused if it is to act as the child’s daily schedule. Children with autism can become accustomed to, and dependent on, their daily routines. A break in the routine, even the use of a schedule, can result in stress and tantrum behavior. Be sure to include the use of a non-electronic schedule from the get-go, just in case the app or device is broken or unavailable.


  • Create fully customized schedules to meet your learner’s needs
  • Can be taken to and from school and used in multiple environments
  • Promotes a structured routine which helps the child through his day
  • The app is easy to use and provides many different schedule options
  • The schedule can be printed and used like a checklist



  • There are no reinforcers telling the child he has done a good job
  • There are no check mark options to help the child mark each step he’s completed
  • If the child gets frustrated with the schedule, he could potentially throw or damage the tool. Paper schedules can be destroyed and replaced with ease.