Federal Court Structure

Many middle schoolers might have heard of the Supreme Court but few are aware of the structure of the Federal Court System. 11 video clips introduce the three levels of the Federal Court and the Katz v. U.S. case is used to demonstrate how the levels work. The final clips look at the challenges to privacy represented by Facebook and Google user agreements.

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Instructional Ideas
  • For remote learning, post the Katz v. United States assignment in Google Classroom, Schoology, or other platforms
  • To provide additional scaffolding, create and post an infographic that illustrates the structure of the Federal Court System
Classroom Considerations
  • The drag and drop activity requires access to Google slides
  • Some learners may need additional scaffolding to follow the conversations in the clips
  • The resource includes a drag and drop vocabulary activity, a graphic organizer with a key, and and a link to a bell ringer activity
  • None