Factors Affecting London Dispersion Attractions

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How can non-polar molecules be attracted to one another? Introduce the phenomenon of London dispersion forces to young chemists through an entertaining interactive. Pupils choose from a variety of molecular shape combinations, then pull on the molecules to see the strength of the intermolecular force that holds them close.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Give the class some simple materials, such as toothpicks, clay, and string, and have them create physical representations of the molecules in the resource
  • To assess their understanding, ask learners to describe the outcome of the test they run on each pair of molecules
Classroom Considerations

  • Discuss the inner workings of London forces before launching the resource

  • Interactive also depicts molecules re-attaching if they are moved closer together after separation, making it more realistic
  • The wide variety of shapes helps make London forces more apparent to the user

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