Exploring Emotions Through Activities

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You'll definitely want this rich compilation of worksheets and activities in your toolbelt as you review and discuss the range of emotions we have as human beings. Activities include defining feelings, identifying ways we express ourselves, how to cope with sadness, and much more.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • While most of the worksheets are based in writing/discussion exercises, they can also be adapted to more hands-on activities. For example, in worksheet E-10, consider constructing a similar swirl on your classroom floor with painter's tape, and having pupils physically walk on top of the swirl to list their activities of happiness
Classroom Considerations
  • Given the complexity and depth of this subject, you may want to collaborate with a school counselor on how to approach and discuss topics such as depression or anger management
  • Each lesson/activity is accompanied by an Instructor's Guide (includes lesson objective, discussion questions, special considerations, and answer key)
  • Nice variety of worksheets and activities to choose from
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