Lesson Plan

Exploring Cultural Sustainability

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Small groups learn about a present-day nomadic culture in Mongolia and the threats to its existence by exploring a photo essay. The resource includes thoughtful discussion and writing prompts about cultural sustainability, the relationship between culture and the environment, and cultural transition. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • One of the writing prompts has your scholars writing about what they'd include in a photo essay about their own culture; take this idea further by having them actually create the photo essay
  • A point of comparison if you'd like to pursue the issue of cultural transition further could be the Nukak Maku of South America
Classroom Considerations
  • If learners don't have devices in class, you'll want to make sure you have Internet and a projector to show them the photos
  • Helps your class learn about an often-overlooked culture
  • Discussion questions and writing prompts that promote evidence-based inquiry
  • None