Explore the Solar System: 360 Degree Interactive Tour

Go on a galactic tour like no other! The perfect idea to wrap up a solar-system unit, an interactive video leads the class from the sun to the Kuiper Belt. Pan around the screen as the narrator describes each of the main features in our solar system, giving details such as atmospheric conditions, tilt, rings, and moons.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use versatile video to close or open a solar system unit
  • If possible, get pupils some time behind the screen so they can search around the virtual solar system; there are plenty of extras popping up between planets!
Classroom Considerations

  • Be sure to check out the browsers that support full use of the resource and select the best one for your system

  • The interactive functions smoothly and has easy controls
  • Students can use the video for review before the unit test

  • None