Explore Saturn's Rings

Be prepared to get an in-depth look into the sixth planet from the sun—Saturn—with a fast paced, eye-catching video that details the planet's famous rings.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Direct pupils to take notes then write a reflection paragraph for homework 
  • Flip your classroom; instruct learners to watch the video and come to class prepared to discuss their new-found knowledge 
  • Gather informational texts that examine the planet Saturn for class members to browse when time permits  
Classroom Considerations

  • The video is the fifth resource in a series of 18 created to inform viewers on the subject of astronomy 
  • Comments section and related videos are visible if video is not in full-screen mode
  • An ad pops up close to the start of the video 

  • Highlights key terms using bright and colorful graphics 
  • Encourages question asking and sparks interest in space 

  • The host speak quickly; pause, replay, and enable closed captioning