Lesson Plan

Excuse Me, Is This the Way to the Drainpipe?

This Excuse Me, Is This the Way to the Drainpipe? lesson plan also includes:

Elementary kids read and color the story of Willy Wetsworth, a drop of water, as he describes the journey that he and his friends take to provide fresh water to houses. He tells his story to Martha Merriweather, a little girl, and explains what she can do to help protect Willy and his watery pals.

  • K-3: Childre listen to the story, have a discussion, then color the pages to take home and share with their families
  • 4-6: Kids read and color the story on their own, then discuss water supply as a whole class. Next, each child makes their own book showing how water moves through the pipes and the water cycle

1 Collection 220 Views 119 Downloads NGSS: Adaptable
  • Differentiated for multiple grade levels
  • Reading is engaging and accessible to many levels of readers
  • Story includes incorrect punctuation in several places (you could use this as a proofreading exercise with older students)