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Two simulations highlight the feelings individuals experienced when immigrating to Angel Island. During the first simulation, scholars listen to and answer questions, divided based on their answers. The second simulation pins learners as immigrants entering Angel Island embarking on a long journey across the ocean. Passengers board their assigned quarters, some with ample space, snacks, and room to store their belongings, while others are cramped, do not get to eat, and must carry their luggage. Pupils reflect on the experience, write about the unfairness, and share their final products with their peers. Be sure to check out the Instructional Ideas and Classroom Considerations for more information on conducting a successful simulation. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Due to the nature of the activity, send a letter home to inform grown-ups of the planned roleplay—provide work for those whose parents or guardians request their child not take part in it
  • Conduct the simulation with a select few voluntary actors while the remaining class members watch in the audience; brief actors in what will happen—actions, words, etc.—so as not to cause negative feelings, give them time to practice, then perform
  • On the following day, provide an additional follow-up session to gauge participant's feelings about the entire learning experience, offer support where needed
Classroom Considerations
  • Although impactful, the activity can be highly triggering, take serious precaution to set boundaries for a safe experience, stop the lesson at any time if emotions are high, and do not allow pupils to continue the roleplay outside the classroom
  • A similar simulation took place called A Class Divided; check it out to see possible outcomes or use in place of a live simulation in your class, followed by a grand conversation that links to the topic of immigration
  • The sixth resource in a series of 14
  • Roleplay offers a deeper viewpoint for participants
  • Speaks about fairness and looks closely at how the concept affects others differently
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