Every City Needs Healthy Honey Bees

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"With the declining numbers of bees, the cost of over 130 fruit and vegetable crops that we rely on for food is going up in price." While scientist Noah Wilson-Rich uses the plight of honey bees as the main focus of his presentation, this is actually a great resource to begin a discussion on what the future holds for urban agriculture. The presenter discusses a range of topics, from an overview of pollination and the challenges of habitat loss to the surprisingly higher yield of honey bees in urban areas as compared with rural locations.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Presenter explains environmental concepts such as pollination and urban agriculture
  • Flip the online lesson to add your own assessment questions and additional resources

  • Supplement with more detailed information on environmental value of honey bees
  • May need to front-load some vocabulary that is specific to agriculture and environmental concepts