Evaluating a Lunar Eclipse

This Evaluating a Lunar Eclipse activity also includes:

Do all lunar eclipses look the same? Find out in an activity where astronomers use the Danjon Scale of Lunar Eclipse Brightness to describe the color and brightness of the moon during an eclipse. Explorers make three observations using the scale during an eclipse and then break into small group discussions to analyze and interpret data. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Present images of lunar eclipses with different L values to help observers practice evaluation skills 
  • Have investigators share responses to discussion questions as part of a whole group discussion to clarify any misconceptions
Classroom Considerations
  • Project is completed outside of school, so make accommodations as needed for participants
  • Prepare copies of the worksheet for learners ahead of time
  • Includes multiple extension activities
  • Provides enrichment resources for young researchers 
  • None