Energy Levels, Electrons, and Ionic Boding

Learners see how electrons are transferred in the bonding of NaCl. They then create models of NaCl using styrofoam balls and toothpicks to assist them in explaining the formation of ions and ionic bonding. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Place scholars in pairs to maximize discussion and allow for peers to help one another
  • Teachers may want to introduce the words cations and anions
Classroom Considerations
  • Groups compare evaporated salt crystals to those found in NaCl; be sure to set up salt water pans ahead of time to allow water to evaporate and crystals to form
  • Part five in a series of six
  • Provides activity sheet and key, teacher reference materials, links to videos, and reading passages
  • Lesson is set up in the 5E model format
  • Each part contains scripted questions for teachers to facilitate class discussion
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