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Energy for Life (Energy from Food)

This Energy for Life (Energy from Food) lesson plan also includes:

Energy comes in many forms, but how do living things get the energy they need to survive and thrive? In a simple, controlled experiment with yeast, water, and sugar, groups make observations about how yeast reacts with water alone, then with water and sugar. Learners record the data they collect on the worksheet provided, then write a paragraph describing their observations. The first of a seven-lesson unit on energy and life, these activities lay the groundwork for the next lesson: energy sources.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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  • Explicit instructions for using cooperative groups, including fun job titles
  • Simple lab set-up
  • Accompanying video for teacher shows how to perform the lesson and helps to anticipate learners' responses 
  • The publisher states that the activities could work for any grade from third through twelfth, but is most suited for middle or high school; if using with younger grades, you may choose to do the activity as a demo