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Energy and ATP

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Take charge of your biology class by using this exciting analogy to relate the ATP process with batteries. Pupils use batteries and rubber bands to simulate the phosphate bonds between molecules in the body. They measure the distance in a set of three trials and analyze the data collected.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members create a skit to describe the differences between ATP and ADP
  • Instruct the class as to why marathon runners experience muscle cramps more often than sprinters
Classroom Considerations
  • Protective eyewear is necessary to avoid damage caused by flying rubber bands
  • Use flashcards as a tool to discuss each energy type and list an example for easy reference as a study tool
  • The fourth in a series of 13 related resources
  • Hands-on application causes excitement, especially when rubber bands travel longer distances
  • Conduct more than the suggested number of trials  to gather additional data to analyze
  • Once rechargeable batteries are used, they may only be used again after charging