Elements and Polarity

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Take a look at some molecules that are so cool, they're polar! Scholars examine the effect polarity has on a molecule's shape and charge. Change up the view and choose between an opaque or transparent molecular surface, complete with color-coded charge areas on each of eight molecules.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Ask learners to research each molecule featured in the resource so they can relate form to function
  • Assess your class' knowledge of bonding by quizzing students on the single, double, or triple bonds present in each molecule
Classroom Considerations

  • Schedule time in the computer lab so each pupil can use the interactive
  • Discuss the effect of unshared electron pairs on molecular geometry prior to the assignment

  • Users can view each molecule in spacefill or ball and stick format
  • Users can label each individual atom with its symbol to help with identification

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