Lesson Plan

Electoral College Philosophical Chairs Debate

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Because of the Electoral College, it is possible to win the popular vote in a US Presidential election and still lose the election. After researching the pros and cons of the Electoral College, class members engage in a structured debate about whether or not the Electoral College should be abolished.

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Instructional Ideas
  • If students are unfamiliar with the philosophical chairs debate structure, used the linked lesson plan to model how the process works
  • Before the debate, have class members research why the Electoral College was created
Classroom Considerations
  • ProCon is an non-partisan information site
  • The pros and cons article about the Electoral College may be printed to eliminate the need for student internet connections
  • Presumes a protocol is in place to assure a reasoned, respectful debate of the issue
  • Includes a link to information on how to conduct a philosophical chairs debate
  • Speakers are required to back up their opinions with evidence from theProCon site
  • None