Election Topic Deep Dive

This Election Topic Deep Dive lesson plan also includes:

Researchers go beyond the surface of an election issue to craft an objective report on the history of the issue, factors surrounding the issue, and factors in a candidate' biography that may influence a candidate's position on the issue. Individuals then share their findings with the class.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider assigning researchers to a candidate who is ideologically opposed to their own opinion on an issue
  • Create an assignment sheet that clearly delineates the requirements, expectations, and due dates
  • If given as a long-term project, break the assignment into sections and have the sections due at different times
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires extra prep time to prepare the list of topics for the research project
  • ProCon is a non-partisan site that presents information on the issues and candidates in the election
  • Links are provided to sites that include objective information about the issue
  • No rubric is included for the project